double denim

Nick Jonas, photographed at the launch of his latest collaborative men’s fragrance with John Varvatos, was looking rather sloppy in a double denim outfit.

He wore a pair of slim fitting, slightly distressed jeans that were ok and looked great on him. But then he added a denim shirt in an almost matching blue shade. -Almost matching is a no-no for any double denim look. And on top of that, the shirt was about at least one size too small, straining at the arms and around the midriff.

When doing double denim, the hing is to do either two totally different shades of any blue wash, or go for different colors. Like mixing black with a light blue shade is always a good option. Or raw and/or dark blue with light blue.

Another great way to do double denim is mixing any kind of blue shade with colored denim, like medium blue jeans and a red denim jacket.

Sorry, Nick, but this time we have to pass!

Canadian tuxedo