painted denim

Nicki Minaj was photographed as she arrived at TRL ahead of a live performance in New York City.

Sexy and attention calling, Nicki strutted around in a $69 over-tight white Antidote 7th Street Classic String Tank Dress, but she made up for the low price with a $2.190 Balenciaga Like A Man Denim Jacket, and $10.000 (yep TENthou!) white Saint Laurent Yeti 110 Boots.

Love the Balenciaga bad boy? So do we, but do we have to break the bank for this look? No way. You can either just buy any oversized denim trucker jacket, or steal you boyfriend’s, and get to work with some paint and markers. Just FYI – I handed my old jacket to my neighbor’s four and five year olds, and not only did the boys love the finger paint project, but their mom is now my BFF for keeping them busy for a whole afternoon!

We did the searching work for you and came up with some cool and very reasonably priced oversized denim jacket for your next project from Mango, Missguided, and NA-KD – this one already comes with ready-made graffiti.

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