denim designer
Mattia Donadi, creative director PRPS

As you all know, founder and creator of PRPS, Donwan Harrell, had left the company a few months ago. You can read about this here, if you haven’t seen our post yet.

For us it was a big shock, as we used to associate PRPS with Donwan since the very beginning, we even called him Mr. PRPS.

But, as we have also informed you, Donwan has moved on and created a new denim brand, ARTMEETSCHAOS – check it out here. Donwan is working on his newest denim collection together with his wife and partner, Jahayra Harrell, who is the brains, or the organizer, behind ARTMEETSCHAOS.

And, apparently, PRPS has also moved on and named denim designer and expert, Mattia Donadi, as their new creative director. And this looks like good news.

Mattia, whose working experience includes Helmut Lang and 7 years of R13, where he had worked as director of production, is giving us hope that PRPS will continue in their quest for unique and outstanding denim. And if you want to see what R13 is all about, check out our next post about their newest fall 2018 collection.

So, resuming, it looks like both – PRPS and Donwan Harrell – are going to be good denim news moving on. And we can’t wait to see!

{image: WWD}