Cult brand, R13, has become the go-to brand for everybody who’s looking for unconventional, outside-of-the-box, super crazy, and – yes – sometimes even weird, denim. And they are not disappointing  us – very much au contraire – with their pre-fall 2018 collection.

There are “double jeans” with layered shorts and jeans in one piece (image below), sagging jeans with dropping backs, drop-crotch cropped jeans. There is ripped, distressed, cut-up and etc. There is an overload of frayed hems and destroyed/destructed jeans as much as you like. Low rises are the order of the day for R13. And even their skinnies, most of them do have some unexpected details, like inside ankle slits with frayed threads, outrageous washes, and again, low rises.

This is not a brand for the traditional or conventional denim fan, but very much on the contrary. Grunge , rebel, daring, and yes, challenging, is what comes to my mind.

And even though you might be shocked with some of their styles, you have to admit that R13 offers what hardly any other brand offers: outrageous diversity. Their consumers are NOT about fashion or trends. They do their own fashion and create their own trends, and this is what R13 does best.

We have chosen here some of the most outstanding new looks, but see the complete R13 pre-fall ’18 collection on their website.

You can shop for R13 denim at Barney’s, SSENSE, and at farfetch.


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