paperback jeans

We are thinking about lower rise jeans again, but are not quite ready to give up the comfort of our well-loved super- uber- highest-rise jeans.

We’ve gone through years of high waisted now, and hey, what’s the fun about fashion and trend if you can’t be flexible and go and do your own thing every once in a while. “Create fashion, don’t copy fashion” has been my slogan since forever!

So how about a cool low-rise without side effects? Like these RtA Paperback Dexter jeans, that do have a low rise but the paperbag waist is the solution for the most common and most hated side-effect of all times: muffin tops.

As you can see, the waist of these jeans is totally loose and held together with a black leather half-belt that is attached to the jeans. Half-belt, because it only goes halfway round in the font.

This is a genius way of giving a lower rise a chance and not having to worry about all the things you usually hate about too low sitting jeans.

You can shop for the RtA Dexter jean at Revolve and at Shopbop.

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