This is about a subject that I have been – and still am – discussing with a lot of denim brands over the years.

I have always wondered why brands tend to think that we women absolutely want to have the smallest possible inside jean-pockets  – IF any at all. Think about all those jeggings and super skinnies that only have fake pockets in front.

When asked, the designers, or the owners of the brands, have one single shocking answer: “It’s what women want. They don’t want to have the “bulge” of an inside pocket because these make the jeans look less sexy”. Meh.

We couldn’t agree less. Short pockets serve for nothing. Not even to stuff in a paper tissue. No pockets serve for even less, they are non-existent inside and make-believe outside. I am sure you get my meaning.

Especially when it comes to looser fitting styles, like boyfriend jeans, or even straight leg jeans, I want to and I need to be able to stuff my whole hand inside the pockets. Not just the upper half of my fingers. I love walking around with my hands in the pocket. And I love having a paper tissue, my metro card, and a piece of chewing gum handy.

What’s the point of having pockets in the first place if you can’t use them? Why do men get functional pockets when women’s pockets are considered so superfluous that sometimes they’re even sewn shut?

“Data designers Amber Thomas and Jan Diehm measured the pants pockets of 80 pairs of blue jeans, for both men and women, from the 20 most popular brands in the United States. As you scroll through the visualization, you can see outlines of all these different women’s pockets stacked on top of each other, next to a stack of similar outlines for men’s pockets. The visual comparison highlights the designers’ calculation that the average women’s jeans pocket is 48% smaller and 6.5% narrower than men’s jeans. The designers conclude: “Our measurements confirmed what every woman already knows to be true: Women’s pockets are ridiculous.” Ahem.”

There are unfortunately not too many denim brands that include “non-sexist” inside pockets. Your best bet are the Levi’s 501 jeans and generally most of their women’s jeans, except the super skinnies (why?). And then, of course, most of the re-purposed and original vintage jeans like the ones from RE/DONE and ICONS. Urban Outfitters also sometimes carries some good options in their Urban Renewal capsule.

Do you feel the same way about the inside pockets of your jeans? Join us in shouting out to the denim brands!

jeans pockets
image courtesy Amber Thomas and Jan Diehm