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When you buy clothes, the information on the clothes’ labels usually are: material composition, washing instructions, and production location.

But as consumers increasingly care about sustainability, detailed information about the source of material, production processes and finishing of the individual piece of clothing are also gaining importance. Transparency, laying open every single production step, is crucial here. And the facts should be kept simple, clear and phrased in a way that every customer world wide can easily understand them.

But clarity is not only beneficial for the customer. The 9th BANGLADESH DENIM EXPO with the motto “SIMPLICITY” wants to demonstrate how the entire denim industry can profit from more simplicity. The reknown denim fair will open its gates for the global denim community again in Dhaka on 7th & 8th November 2018.

Three panel discussions will focus on different aspects of the topic and inform and inspire the audience:

1. Simplicity from designers to consumers – the collaboration

Fashion is a democratic process which is only partly predictable. Not only does it make economic sense for the designer to know what the consumer wants, but it also ensures that the customer´s need for information is satisfied. It will strengthen the brand loyalty if the customer feels listened to and valued. A simple message conveying clarity and transparency should be the goal here.

2. Simplicity & standardization in the apparel industry

Consistent standards and certificates for the global textile industry could simplify, accelerate, and clarify the procedures between producer and buyer. The factories would have concrete specifications for their production, regional characteristics would loose their impact, human rights and environmental protection would likewise be acknowledged everywhere. For providers as well as buyers consistent standards would also mean that they could more easily pick out the right partners to collaborate with, and plan with more foresight.

3. Simplicity in production – innovation, technology and optimized handling of resources

Technical progress is constantly changing the production processes in order to optimize them – targeting economical success, sustainability, or future viability. It pays up for every company to critically question their working processes and to examine if there are not more simple solutions reaching the same goal and at the same time protecting people and nature.

denim trade shows

Since its premiere four years ago the BANGLADESH DENIM EXPO has proven to be one of the major fairs for the denim community and has won a reputation as being an important hub for innovation and sustainability.

The fact that that the BANGLADESH DENIM EXPO is carefully selecting its exhibitors might contribute to the success. Its 9th edition in November will present 60 exhibitors from all over the world: material production, jeans production, chemicals, equipment and technology.

Bangladesh Denim Expo (BDE)
7th – 8th November 2018, 12:00 – 20:00 h
International Convention City Bashundhara / Dhaka, Bangladesh

Find out more about the Denim Expo here.

You can register to attend here.


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