And finally again – Diesel is coming back with one more of their hilarious and super fun ad-campaigns! We honestly always have a ball with all of their campaigns. They are challenging, fun, outside-of-the-box, and often, like this time, celebrity studded and exciting to watch.

And if you haven’t seen them yet, you can check out their previous ad-campaigns here.

This time Diesel once again it the nail on the head: what with all the hate going on over the internet and – unfortunately in real life – …. take Nicky Minaj x Cardi, for example, and all the political sh**

“Haters gonna hate? Ok. We got haters. You got haters. Everybody does.

Do we care? No we don’t. We actually….wear.

Discover the Diesel Haute Couture Collection because the more hate you wear, the less you care.”

“Diesel is taking the trolling comments received by the brand, and by celebrities, and turns them into a powerful new campaign and fashion collection.

Celebrities and influencers including Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne, and Tommy Dorfman take part in the campaign by Publicis Italy and, in a series of films shared on their social channels, wear fashion items emblazoned with some of the hateful online comments they have received.

For example, Minaj was called “The Bad Guy,” Thorne was labelled a “slut” and Dorfman was called “faggot.” All the derogatory comments are now limited-edition items in the “Hate Couture” collection, which will be available from September 19 in selected Diesel stores and on Some of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to anti-bullying foundation Only the Brave.

As part of the campaign, from October 6th on, customers will also be able to customize their own t-shirts and denim with hateful comments that they’ve received online. Meanwhile, Diesel flagship stores will be decorated with graffiti reflecting comments the brand has received, like “Diesel is dead.”

A spokesman for Diesel explains, “The campaign started with the hate that we get as a brand. So we are working with influencers who are receiving those comments to show that the more you expose hate, it loses power.”

Bruno Bertelli, chief creative officer at Publicis, says: “It’s a different way to use influencers in a campaign, and it took a long time to get the right people. What’s great is that they are sharing this on their own channels.”

You can shop for the Ha(u)te Couture collection here.