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Madewell is taking the push for sustainability to the next level!

For Fall 2018, we’re excited to share that Madewell is introducing their best denim collection yet. Launched with the “Join The Party” campaign this past month, the collection features new fits, styles, washes and sizes, all using the same expertise and attention to detail that has made Madewell a denim destination. And, 40% of the Madewell collection will be available in extended sizing. This includes denim in sizes 23 – 37 and dresses, knits, sweaters, tops, and jackets in sizes XXS – 3X.

And there is more: Madewell is taking the push for sustainability to the next level.

As part of their fall 2018 lineup, they are launching The Eco Collection, Madewell’s first step towards more sustainable denim.

“We sourced organic cotton denim from the Candiani mill in Italy where the cotton comes from GMO-free seeds, isn’t treated with toxic chemicals, and is sustainably dyed using shrimp shells.”

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“Then, we turned to the experts at the innovative Saitex factory for production. They’re LEED-certified, recycle nearly all the water they use, prioritize renewable energy like solar, wash efficiently, air dry and turn their manufacturing waste into bricks for affordable housing. The denim in our Eco Collection requires 65% less chemicals and 75% less water than conventional fabric.”

Instead of using harmful chemicals to dye the cotton used to make jeans, Madewell has chosen to utilize a sugar from shrimp shells, called chitosan, which allows for a toxic-free way to get that classic blue hue in the fabric. In other words, Madewell will be using shrimp shells to color its jeans (are they going to be eatable too?!!!).

Madewell also continues with their Dot-Com Try-On program in their stores:

“To show off our range of online styles IRL, we’re offering Dot-Com Try-Ons destinations in select stores. Customers can try on direct exclusive styles and sizes then place an order with an associate for Free 2-day shipping. Locations can be found here.”

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