vintage jeans

A smiling Nicole Richie was photographed out in Los Angeles wearing a pair of flare jeans.

The first thought I had when I saw her jeans was like – oh man, these look exactly like those vintage flares I see on pictures from the ’90s…

Remember those Wranglers and Lee’s, the flare leg, not to tight fitting, and that same uniform medium blue wash!! Even that iron-crease on the middle of the front leg looks authentic.

As opposed to nowadays, at those times the flares used to be made of a quite stiff and 100% cotton denim. The never fitted like a glove, but wear roomier and because of the lack of stretch used to bag out a lot, until you threw them into the washer. Then they shrank right back.

As a passionate vintage denim lover, I am always on the lookout for jeans like these. I love the way they fit and the wash.

And talking about Wrangler, I just found a pair of  Wrangler old school flares here, and they’re on sale for $36! Or you might like these from Free People, also in 100% cotton denim.

rigid denim