Italian brand, Replay, has some great news: Uniting all denim and soccer lovers – they have renewed their contract with Brazilian soccer genius, Neymar Jr for more exciting collaborations until 2021.

Neymar Jr has been the spokesman for Replay since 2015, and their mutual understanding and great teamwork prompted both, Replay and Neymar, to commit to many more seasons of working together. And this also involves Neymar Jr wearing Replay clothes in his “off-time”.

Which makes me think – why don’t they create a denim uniform for the Italian national soccer team? What with Neymar’s knowledge of all the aspects of soccer, and Replay’s flair for fashion…

One thing is for sure, even people like me, who don’t usually watch soccer games or the likes,  will finally have a good reason to watch – not the soccer itself, hey, but the guys wearing their fashionable uniforms.

Now, did you now that Neymar Jr, besides being a worldwide known name in soccer, is also a social media star? He does have more than 100 million followers on Instagram alone! Just so you have an idea – Kim Kardashian has 117 million and Gigi Hadid (a mere?) 47 million followers.

Matteo Sinigaglia, Replay CEO, tells us “I am very happy to renew the bond between our brand and this world-class champion whom I hold in high regard not only for his sports talent but also for his human approach. Neymar Jr is not just an outstanding champion, he is an icon, a legend that can move crowds with his energy, passion and determination in everything he does.

These are the same values that have always inspired Replay. A common vision that has enabled our partnership to thrive since 2015 to the point that we now feel like he is a friend and part of our Replay family and our cooperation goes way deeper than a high profile sponsorship deal.”

And Neymar Jr comments: “After these first three years, there was no doubt in my heart about continuing this partnership. I have always been a fan of this brand and I really felt I was part of the Replay family during the past three years. I cannot wait to wear the new Jeans Hyperflex + as I am the protagonist of their new campaign and I know they are just incredible.” 

And now we can’t wait to see the fruits of this collaboration – Hello Replay, videos and images please!