CARGO JEANSLately I have been receiving a lot of e-mails from brands (re-)launching camouflage cargo jeans, actually, too many to ignore.

So I decided to search and see what we’re coming up with. And I became especially curious after posting about Kendall Jenner yesterday in her cargo jeans.

Camouflage cargo jeans for me are synonymous with baggy multi pocket pants, especially with pockets on the side of the legs. I pretty much always tried to avoid these as they really make your legs look – well – sturdy!

But it looks like nowadays lots of these cargos are made with some stretch and less shapeless, so maybe that will make a whole difference. Also, the new styles seem to focus more on fit and less on lots of added pockets. This will definitely be worth a try because I always considered cargo pants a good alternative for the days you don’t feel like doing denim.

But before we go any further – Todd Shelton is telling us some interesting facts about how the camouflage pants came to existence and we would love to share:

“The U.S. Military first began experimenting with camouflage during World War II – on helmets and shelters – not on uniforms.

During Vietnam, Green Berets and other Special Forces began wearing camouflage on and OFF-DUTY, this is the moment camouflage became ‘a thing to wear’. The Vietnam era camouflage was named ‘Tigerstripe’ and actually patterned after a design by the French military.

During the Cold War, in the 70’s, the military designed a camouflage pattern called M81 Woodland – a four-color pattern designed to make soldiers less visible in a European environment. It was authorized for wear by all branches of U.S. military.”

Check out here Todd Shelton’s take on camos, and scroll down for some more cool options for both, men and women.

camo pants
NILI LOTAN Emerson camouflage-print stretch-cotton wide-leg pants
tapered pants
RE/DONE Camouflage-print cotton-canvas tapered pants
plus size cargo pants
Avenue Cotton Super Stretch Camo Pants
camo cargo pants
Urban Outfitters Authentic Camo Cargo Pant
jogger pants men
G-Star Men’s Powel Qane Camouflage-Print Cargo Joggers
cargo pants men
Topman Camouflage Skinny Cargo Trousers
cargo pants men
Tommy Hilfiger Camouflage Pants
camo jeans men
Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Camouflage Classic Fit Cotton Chino Pants