multi pocket jeansVetements, headed by Georgia born designer, Gemna Gvaslia, showed their spring/summer 2019 collection in Paris. Fashion translated into (not such a nice) reality of our everyday life:

Gemma Gvaslia explains:

“I dedicated this collection to Georgia, the Georgia where my brother,Guram, and I grew up together in the ’90s, and the war that happened where we lived. I tried to face this angst and fear and pain in this show. I didn’t want to remember before, I didn’t want to go that far.”

“I thought, Let’s just go for it. I’ve never felt so creatively happy, so I think I felt safe enough to put it out there, to get it out on the table.”

“I feel everybody today talks about war, refugees. And I am like, yes, I know exactly what that means. It’s weird. This is about my life, but also it’s about everything you see on CNN, as well.”

In many ways, it was an explosive show—what with its bullet heels and jewelry, and the terrifying imagery of nationalism, paraded as flag jackets—Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, the United States. In others? It was recognizable Vetements fashion as usual. Distressed, ripped, torn apart and sewn back together, frayed, and full of stinging details.

You can shop for the current Vetements collection at Net-A-Porter and at

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