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3×1 x Jason Wu Collaboration Spring 2019

3×1 x Jason Wu Collaboration Spring 2019

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New York based denim brand, 3×1 is partnering with Jason Wu, and it is definitely something else to look forward to for next year’s spring:

For Spring 2019 two distinctly New York labels, luxury denim brand 3×1, and American sportswear brand, Jason Wu, have come together to complement one another’s collections with a range of skirts, shorts, and jeans that lend their individual expertise and aesthetics to one another’s collections.

“For us, this collaboration is really about Jason and I sharing our passions and expertise,” explained Scott Morrison, Founder of 3×1. “Jason came to us wanting to experiment with denim and we were able to pair his enthusiasm with our knowledge to make something fun and fantastic.

On the flip side, we relished the opportunity to work with Jason, one of our generation’s best designers, and his team, as they shared their vision for denim within his new collection.

3×1 has always been about collaboration, as we have always invited people into our process. Creating their own unique denim pieces through our custom and bespoke programs, or partnering with retailers to cater to their clientele, that is what we do, and with Jason Wu it’s an incredible opportunity to share our process with our collective brand fans and with our wholesale partners around the world.”

The five-piece, nine sku collaboration, features characteristically Wu design elements, capturing an easy glamour whilst distinguishing itself in some of the world’s finest denim.

Feminine cuts meet modern silhouettes as 3×1 and Wu re-imagine trousers, long A-line skirts, slim fit denim, and shorts featuring geometric multi-paneled pieces. Outlined at times with contrasting thread theory, and defined by sharp angels – a nod to the architecture found in the cityscape these two brands and their designers call home.

As denim experts, 3×1 worked with Wu to source, develop, and navigate the nuanced world of denim. Ultimately, producing a range that is truly a reflection of both brands’ core tenants – exceptionally fitting clothes with the highest consideration for materials and design. Each piece has been precisely fit utilizing 3×1’s unparalleled skillets in fitting denim. Which is the result of Morrison and his team’s decades in the industry working to develop what are the finest jeans in the world, created one pair at a time.

The assortment ranges in price from $225 – $325 and will be available as of coming spring 2019.

Meantime, you can shop for the current 3×1 collection here, and stay tuned for  the Jason Wu items to launch the  week of February 15th, 2019.

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