This is seriously good for all ripped denim addicts who want to wear their ripped jeans during the colder months as well.

I was like kind of so sad because my favorite ripped jeans would have to be retired for winter. NYC winter and ripped jeans absolutely don’t work together.

I have had this problem many winters already and had tried everything you can imagine, how to wear my ripped babies and not freeze to death. Like wear them over thighs or leggings – not recommended with skinny jeans, or criss-cross stitching over the holes…just to mention a few.

And yes, the most obvious solution – adding a patch on the inside. But the problem with this apparently obvious solution was that most of the tailors I had tried, still did the criss-cross thing over the patch. And that not only made the patch super thick, but also looked awful. Artificial and not at all how the jeans used to look before patching.

knee rip
ripped jeans
BEFORE offered me a “free trial”, promising that I would love what they would do. So I left my jeans for them to pick up at the Jean Shop in Soho.

Not only did the guys e-mail me several images of patched-up rips, but they also e-mailed back and forth with me about other details. Like there is another small rip underneath the front pocket – would I like to have that one patched as well. Super cool customer service. And this really gave me a lot of confidence in how they work.

And I was not definitely not disappointed when I received my jeans back – see below.

If you don’t look too much “inside” you’ll never notice the patch. And another small but very important detail to note in the first image below. The patch is roomy not straight, which is a must for any knee patch, so you can bend your knee without restriction. This is what I call a professional job.

distressed jeans
patched jeans

You have two options of how to get your jeans to one is to drop off your jeans at the Jean Shop in Soho, New York, and the other is sending your jeans in by mail. You can read all about the how to here.

And if you have any questions or concerns, they also have a live chat on their website so you can talk to one of the guys directly before you send in your jeans.

One last thing: Usually, the tailors you take your jeans to are not really denim tailors, but “fix everything” tailors. is a professional denim tailor company, and there isn’t much that they don’t know about denim. They are part of the Jean Shop store, which is a highly professional and super well established denim store in NYC. The owner, Eric Goldstein, is a denim icon among us denim heads.

You will be dealing with real denim professionals and not “fix all” tailors at