paperbag jeans

Gigi Hadid was posing for a photoshoot on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and she doesn’t look too happy about it.

Well, I am also not too sure I wouldn’t look sad if I had to be photographed in those acid wash super oversized jeans and that silver – shoulder cover? cut-out aluminum foil top? – whatever they want to call it.

Really, I love fashion, and I am a total addict to anything new, outrageous, unedited, but that outfit here really makes no sense to me. Who would actually want to wear a shiny top like that, not even covering what it’s supposed to cover? Plus have the work of having to add those metallic boob-holders. Add those paperbag jeans that seem to be like twice Gigi’s normal size?

Here you have the ridiculous outfit of the day (ROOTD). Just made that up LOL! And hey I usually absolutely love all things oversized, especially oversized jeans.

Really a shame, because Brazil is commonly known for their super sexy and beautiful fashion. Having lived there myself for years, I can guarantee that the Brazilian denims are some of the best out there.

Check out some cool Brazilian denim brands here.

And if you do love paperback jeans (we do, just not this particular one here), there are some cool options available from 3×1, Urban Outfitters, and Paige.

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