double denim

Ready for some new double denim looks for fall?!

Here’s Gigi Hadid, showing us how to do the Canadian Tuxedo now during the first weeks of fall, before we need to cover up in heavy coats. And we love it!

She paired her medium blue cropped jeans and a denim shirt in the exact same blue with a loose fitting brown mohair sweater from Miu Miu. So far so good. But then Gigi opted for a pair of mules from Freda Salvador … not very coherent for a real fall look, but I guess it’s ok, some might like it this way.

Personally, I would have preferred if she had chosen one of her chunky sneakers instead, or maybe a pair of combat boots.

Denim shirts are a staple. Absolutely versatile, you can wear them either over a tee or tank top, or you can also wear them layered under a sweater or jacket.

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denim on denim