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Kaia Gerber in a Stella McCartney Boilersuit

Kaia Gerber in a Stella McCartney Boilersuit

And yes, here is another one of our celeb posts featuring “it-girl”, Kaia Gerber. She’s just being seen everywhere and really seems to love her denim. Be it in her off-stage or on-stage life!

Shown here on the runway during the Paris Fashion Week, she’s modeling a totally impressive acid wash/bleach spot boilersuit from the Stella McCartney spring 2019 collection.

Apparently, we are seriously going to be all about acid wash, bleaching, and tie-dyed for the coming spring and summer seasons. As we have mentioned before, acid wash is totally going for a comeback, starting right now during this fall already.

Are you in? Would you wear such eye-catching denim overalls like the one shown at the Stella McCartney show?

Want some acid wash denim RN to show your fashion-forward side? You can find a good selection at Nordstrom and at ASOS.


  1. I have to admit I kind of love this look. I love the boiler suit but not the acid wash as much. You really have to have the right attitude and accessories to make this work .

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