stretch jeans

If you are a vintage denim lover, then this post is going to be a life-changer for you! Vintage + Comfort + the Look AND the Feel of real denim!

RE/DONE, known for their super fab re-purposed vintage jeans, recognized that even though we’re totally into 100% cotton vintage jeans, there certainly are times when we ladies do need a certain kind of comfort as well.

They created an amazing capsule collection of jeans with different levels of stretch. No “one size fits all” kind of thing for them! Let’s put it this way,even though you may not be aware of it, different kinds of stretch are fundamental for us, depending on the kind of occasion we want to wear our jeans.

You want to look super sexy and sleek – more stretch. But you want to be able to roll on the floor with your kids, and definitely not in bagged out jeans, but comfy, then you need less stretch, right!

“A stretch denim for every occasion. Some days call for minimal stretch, while others call for maximum stretch. No matter the mood, RE/DONE has the perfect vintage inspired classic for you”

Examples of the RE/DONE Stretch Scale: And FYI – all of the jeans shown here come in several different washes, so it’s a win-win.

cropped jeans
Double Needle Crop

Rigid Stretch – the oxymoron name says it all. This jean holds you in like a rigid jean, but with a little extra comfort.

hi-rise jeans
Stretch High Rise Ankle Crop

Comfort Stretch – this jean has 4-way stretch, meaning that it has more stretch and more comfort, it’s very stretchy. However, the fabric is slightly heavier than the average stretch jean. It will give you the utmost level of comfort and stretch while still feeling like you are wearing a real jean.

super hi-rise jeans
Ultra Stretch High Rise Ankle Crop

Ultra Stretch – the Ultra Stretch is their classic power stretch jean. It is lighter weight than the 190 Comfort Stretch and significantly stretchier. The Ultra Stretch is a form fitting curve hugging fabric.