‘Cause we – and most other publications – always post about the young and the beautiful, the curvy and the skinny ladies, the hunks, and even sometimes about the average Joe, or the girl next door.

But what about all the others, the older dudes and chicks. Did you think they all wear granny or grandpa clothes?

And why not some adorable babies and toddlers photographed in “real” life and not for some kind of ad campaign or lookbook.

children's jeansWell, think again and enjoy the array of adorable ageless denim addicts.

And if you have some more of these images to share with us and all our readers, please e-mail them to [email protected], and we’ll do our best to post:-)

patchwork jeans

faded jeans

baby jeans

toddler jeanswide cuff jeans

denim suitdouble denim

bootcut jeansgrandpa jeans