denim seminar

A conference was held in Salzburg, Austria, on October 9th. Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, Managing Director of The Denim Expert Ltd, gave a well-received talk entitled “Sustainability, Transparency and Transformation of the Bangladesh Apparel Industry”:

“We all have to do our bit”

“Transparency, trace-ability or sustainability – are values rooted in basic ideology and we cannot simply shoulder them off to someone else. We all in the supply chain have to believe and act from own position. Shouldering responsibilities off to others is not going to help what we all want to achieve.

Like trace-ability in manufacturing is a great way to disclose manufacturing information, it is up to the buyers to disclose information like where they source from, factory audit reports, and much other critical information.

TRANSPARENCY is a responsibility that cannot be TRANSFERRED; this is a force TRAVERSING from me, you, and us, that changes others.I was simply trying to tell this truth during the Salzburg Conference.”