Yes, I know that you know that I don’t really do skinny jeans. But, as we all have to admit, exceptions are allowed and acceptable! But then again, it’s not about just any kind of skinny jean, but what I consider an outstanding pair. Be it for the wash, or the fit, but preferably, of course, both! And extremely important – for me, at least – skinny jeans need to be sturdy and made of a heavier fabric.

The newest Replay Hyperflex+ jean fits the bill for me. While I was in Europe just recently, I had the opportunity to try on a pair of these, and bingo. I am so in love with a skinny jean, and it’s all about the black Hyperflex+ skinny.

These jeans are made of a heavier 12 oz fabric and provide a push-up effect. They’re in a high luster, deep black wash, but they do have a kind of sheen without being too obviously shiny… kind of hard to explain, right! Here’s how Replay describes it on their website:

“an ultra black tone resin wash, with handmade 3D whiskers applied on a mannequin*, and a final tumbler for a shiny look.”

*applied on a mannequin as opposed to mass production whiskering on the fabric itself, before the jeans are sewn together, which always makes the fading look extremely artificial

The Hyperflex+ jean also comes in different washes besides the black, you can check them out here.

And, of course, these very same jeans are available for men, as well – and the Replay ambassador, soccer wonder-boy, Neymar Jr, literally flies in them (see image above). You can read all about it here.

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