fringe denim jacket

Triarchy 2018 Atelier Denim is all about vintage and repurposed denim, and all white sustainably bleached.

As we are in a total vintage denim rave right now, actually, not only right now, but for a long time already, we are always on the lookout for different denim brands that produce vintage jeans. And preferably with a “twist”.

And this is why we are obsessing with the Triarchy Atelier vintage collection, which is – let’s say – a side kick of the regular Triarchy brand. And what a side kick! Smoking hot items like super long fringe denim jacket and patched together vintage style jeans… it is definitely an alternative for us vintage denim lovers that want like: the same jeans as in 19xx but with a certain detail. Anything for an excuse to buy a new pair, right!

Check out some of the hot styles here, and you can shop for the complete Triarchy Atelier denim collection on their website.

repurposed vintage jeans

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