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Denim Expert Ltd. Joins the ZDHC Foundation

Denim Expert Ltd. Joins the ZDHC Foundation

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Bangladesh-based garment manufacturer, Denim Expert Ltd. is joining companies like Lenzing, Santori, and Isko in an effort to eliminate the discharge of hazardous chemicals.

They have signed on with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, ZDHC, Foundation as a contributor in the textile industry value chain.

ZDHC Foundation’s mission is to advance toward zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in the textile, leather, and footwear chains to improve the environment and people’s well-being.

By joining ZDHC, Denim Expert stated that their main goals are to eliminate priority hazardous chemicals in products and their manufacturing. They also committed to implement a transparent screening process to promote safer chemistry as well as tools and training that advance chemical stewardship.

Under the guidance of the foundation, Denim Expert has adopted best practices, such as installing appropriate ventilation and temperature control in the chemical storage area, clear labeling on all chemicals and establishing an emergency response plan for chemical spills:

Under the guidance of the ZDHC Foundation, Denim Expert Ltd. have adopted various initiatives to ensure the zero discharge of hazardous chemicals, including:

  • The establishment of traffic signals in the chemical store-room to aid in the safe storage of chemical product.
  • The mandatory use of protective gloves when handling chemicals.
  • The introduction of a chemical compatibility chart to ensure safe storage of chemicals and highlight their risk factor.
  • Visible posting of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) enabling close follow-up of chemical use.
  • The installation of the appropriate ventilation and temperature control in the chemical storage area.
  • Establishment of an emergency response plan, with any potential chemical spillage being monitored by a specially trained technical representative.
  • Clear labeling on all chemicals following ZDHC guidance.
  • Strict adhesion by all employees to the chemical inventory list.
  • Allocation of a designated area for chemical waste disposal and treatment.

With its membership of the ZDHC, Denim Expert Ltd. join more than 24 signatory brands, 59 value chain affiliates, and 15 associates (including Adidas, Benetton, BURBERRY, C&A, COOP, ESPRIT, Gap,  G-STAR RAW, H&M,  INDITEX, Jack Wolfskin, Lbrands, LEVI STRAUSS & CO, LI-NING, MARKS & SPENCER, Hugo Boss, Nike, Primark, Puma, PVH, Target) who are collectively working together to support implementation of safer chemical management practices.

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