denim trade show
Kingpins Amsterdam October 2018

Following up with the successful reception of the new men’s collection for Spring/ Summer 2020 at the KINGPINS show in Amsterdam, Denim Expert Ltd. is telling us here about the highlights.

“As with previous seasons, we began our product developments with extensive research into fabrics and have focused our attention on stretch denim for men. We have introduced a range of shades from intense indigo to lighter shades for the season, with particular attention to the weave characteristics and weight of each item.

Combining a variety of fabric bases, which cover a number of slub patterns (from subtle ring slubs to more overt cross-hatch effects) across a broad range of shades, we have developed a range that reflects the growing demand for heavier weight fabrics in comfort stretch.

The range features a variety of permutations of slim fit jeans and all of the models have been engineered to offer the highest comfort levels and the latest in refined styling details.

Whilst developing the product line, we paid particular attention to the finishing techniques and aimed for a range of interesting, natural finishes, utilizing the latest in finishing technology, paying special attention to the environmental impact and sustainable credentials. We are proud to say that our Spring/ Summer 2020 collection was produced using the most sustainable techniques available.”

Mostafiz Uddin, CEO and creator of The Denim Expert Ltd. hopes that the customers, business associates, and friends enjoyed the newest collection this week at the Bangladesh Denim Expo, where the full range for Spring/ Summer 2020 was on display.

denim expo
Bangladesh Denim Expo November 2018

Slim fit 5-pocket jean, 92.5% Cotton/ 6% Polyester/ 1.5% Elastane, indigo dyed, ring spun stretch denim.
Weight : 11.50 OZ before wash
Wash: Vintage aged wash with whiskering and local distress and repair detailing.

Slim fit, 5-pocket jean, 8% Cotton/ 2% Elastane, indigo dyed, ring spun, comfort stretch denim.
Weight : 10.50 OZ before wash.
Wash: Medium vintage used wash, with localized fading effects and damage.

Slim fit, 5-pocket jean, 98.5% Cotton/ 1.5% Elastane, indigo dyed, ring spun, comfort stretch denim.
Weight: 10.50 OZ before wash.
Wash: Hand finished, vintage aged wash, with local distress details and paint effect color spot treatments.

Slim fit, 5-pocket jean, 99% Cotton/ 1% Elastane, indigo dyed, comfort stretch, ring spun denim.
Weight : 11.00 OZ before wash.
Wash: Medium vintage used wash, with 3-D effects and localized rip and repair detailing.

Slim fit 5-pocket jean, with triple needle stitch detailing, 84% Cotton/ 14% Polyester/2% Elastane, indigo dyed, cross-hatch effect, comfort stretch denim.
Weight: 10.50 oz before wash.
Wash: Vintage used wash with whiskering, localized fading and subtle patch details.

Slim fit, 5-pocket jean, 98% Cotton/ 2% Elastane grey comfort stretch denim.
Weight: 11.25 OZ before wash.
Wash: Hand finished, vintage aged wash with local distress details.