tuxedo pants men
Express Slim Black Velvet Tuxedo Pant

Bring out the holiday spirit, guys, and get yourself into some uplifting and more festive jeans. As much as you like to see us ladies all spiked up and nicely dressed, the same also works the other way ’round, ok!

Here are some very cool denims and velvets for you to wear during the holiday season – and long after that, as well. Embellished jeans, velvet pants, tuxedo stripe jeans…. we have chosen a few really interesting options. Check them out and let us know which one was THE ONE for you!

tuxedo stripe jeans men
River Island Dark blue velvet stripe spray on skinny jeans
men's embellished jeans
Robin’s Jean Skinny Embellished Moto Jeans
corduroy pants
Sandro Slim-Fit Velvet Pants
graffiti jeans men
Tommy Hilfiger Denim Oscar Stretch Graffiti Jeans
men's velvet jeans
HUGO 734 skinny fit velvet jeans in black
red velvet pants men
I.N.C. Mens Velvet Slim-Fit Pants
men's jeans
NUDIE JEANS Grim Tim Sim-Fit Organic Stretch-Velvet Jeans
slim jeans men
NEUW Lou slim-fit jeans