organic denim

The Nudie Jeans company, best known for their organic cotton jeans, has been looking for an alternative option to replace the leather patch for some time now. The search for a viable alternative that could withstand the daily wear and tear of a consumer and live through washes in production for pre-washed products was a challenge.

And Nudie Jeans’ efforts proved fruitful when it found a Jacron patch made from recycled paper that mimics the look of leather.

“Sustainability runs in the genes of Nudie Jeans,” the company said in a news release. Its jeans are made with 100 percent organic cotton and are sourced with social responsibility in mind. Turning animals’ skin into garments requires using massive amounts of energy, land, water, and dangerous chemicals—so it’s no wonder that this environmentally conscious company is doing away with leather.

“Even today, the trace-ability of leather is difficult, and the production processes are resource intense,” said the company’s environmental manager, Eliina Brinkberg.

Nudie Jeans’ website now features a landing page explaining that it is replacing its existing leather back patches with vegan “jarcon” paper.


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