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Let me point out that that when it comes to fashion fads, no way we should break the bank and shell out big bucks. By fashion fad I am referring to top trends that come and go, and then come back again (maybe), and go again.

I have also learned my lesson that if I keep a super fashionable item that is likely to have a comeback in a few seasons, or years, that this won’t work. Either the style won’t work, or the wash will be totally off.

So, resuming, when it comes to any super trendy item, I prefer to go for a reasonably priced item and let’s see what happens – I can always “upgrade” at a later point.

This is the case with camouflage jeans. Super hot right now, and maybe through the winter still, but coming spring and summer, we’re not expecting to see too many of them around.

Even though camos are a staple, they make a re-appearance regularly throughout the years, we’re more inclined to see them as a back of the closet item, than something we’re wearing all the time, like jeans.

Express has a cool version in their fall/winter ’18 collection, the Super High Waisted Camo Wide Leg Cropped Pant. Combining the trends of cropped, wide-leg, and high waisted, and add that wide belt, you can’t go wrong with these. And they are on sale right now for only $48, how neat!!

Styling is easy, you can wear camo with everything. Personally I love to pair mine with my oversized yellow sweater from Everlane. This sweater is super soft, not scratching, and so far has not bagged out or – nightmare – start pilling. And – no combat boots puhlease, that’d be too much! – But as a good way out, like as a concession, you could go for a pair of trendy platform boots from Dr. Martens. I know, these boots look chunky and heavy, but I promise you, they are actually super comfy, besides looking very edgy and eye-catching.

Another worthwhile point to mention is that the sizes go from 00 to 18.

Express actually has a lot of option for camos on their website, including tops, jackets, and even several skinny versions of the camo pants.

And let’s not forget where the camouflage inspo comes from: We thank all of our military people for their service 🙂

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