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So before you start shaking you head and no way I’m buying a pair of Burberry jeans and max out my CC… And also, somehow Burberry and denim doesn’t mix in my head – read on!

First off, almost all of the Burberry denims are on sale right now. And second, it’ always cool to try some jeans from a brand that you normally would not even think about when it comes to denim.

Classic and very traditional Burberry has really surprised us lately with some very rad denims, and there’s nothing meh about them!

As you can see, these Straight Fit Postcard Print jeans are anything but boring and “traditional”. Down from $460 to $180, it’s so worth it to get to know pair of jeans from a brand hat you haven’t tried before.

The almost rigid jeans – they have only 1% of stretch – are hand-painted with sketches and scribbles inspired by vintage postcards. Each artwork has been applied by hand.

So, here you go: top trend: rigid straight leg jean (1% stretch is really not even worth mentioning!), super eye-catching with the graffiti, and in a beautiful vintage like medium blue. Perfect for any denim loving woman who is looking for “something different, but it has to be denim”!

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