raw jeans

I am an obsessed denimhead – as if you didn’t know already, right! But then again, probably you don’t know, but about 40% of the jeans in my closet are men’s jeans. Most of the vintage, raw, and heavy-weight jeans that are my special love, don’t come in women’s fits, and I am totally ok with that.

Also, let’s be clear, in the denim fashion, the line between men’s and women’s jeans is barely visible, if at all. Like so many guys I know totally wear women’s skinny jeans, and yours truly as well as tons of my women friends absolutely do the men’s. Well – just saying! Also think – genderless, unisex – more and more fashion is leaning towards eliminating gender definition, especially when it comes to denim.

So this week I am all about the men’s classic slim fit jeans from Triarchy. The Men’s Rigid Denim Jeans. Yes, I would totally wear them, especially since I am in my raw denim phase right now. This happens a lot during the colder seasons, after having spent the whole spring and summer months in my ripped and distressed light-blue loves.

I have asked Adam Taubenfligel, who’s one of the owners and global manager of the brand to give me the key-point of these jeans:

“Our men’s denim is engineered to look like 100% raw cotton denim with the added benefit of stealth stretch so you get the look and the comfort, with no water wasted!”

Yeah, I love “stealth” – which for me is the best. You can’t see it, but you can feel it. Meaning that the jeans absolutely look like “real” denim (which in fact they are!), and have the comfort of a pair of stretch jeans.

“In December of 2017 Cone Denim Mill in North Carolina, founded 1895, shut its doors. These jeans are made from some of the last USA Made Cone Selvedge Denim. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Oh, and it’s sustainable in case you forgot.

The men’s rigid denim jeans are made of 100% selvedge cotton, and all buttons and rivets are made from recycled metals. The leather label is made from recycled leather and the woven labels from recycled water bottles.”

Shop for more sustainable Triarchy denims for men here.