men's grey jeans

Ok, so we admit it – yes, we are social media addicts! And since yesterday, tons of tweets and Instagram likes have been about….men in grey jeans.

So, since yesterday our Inboxes have been swamped with e-mails about those dudes in grey jeans. They were snapped standing in front of the Chemistry bar in Nottingham, and coincidence, or staged, or totally random – we don’t know, but the guys (clones?) almost all dressed in grey jeans and black tops!? No coats, some of them even with no socks? In plain winter time in England?

Oh well, we don’t know for sure about these images, apparently they were taken by a twitter user, but we know for sure that we love the grey jeans on those guys. Staged or not staged.

Grey jeans for this season and the coming spring and summer – oh yes, totally. It’s a given that you all will be quite tired of your blues and blacks, and what better option than a pair of cool grey jeans, preferably with a vintage feel softness, some stretch…

You can shop for grey jeans at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and at Macy’s.

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