women's denim bomber jacket

Gigi Hadid was photographed as she arrived at Malpensa Airport for the Milan fashion week. And as incredible as it may sound, but this time we so totally did not love Gigi’s outfit.

She wore a sloppy looking poison green track suit consisting of a cropped oversized top and very crumbled looking cropped wide leg pants. And to top it off, she wore that not so cool denim bomber jacket from Miu Miu in a rather cheap looking dark blue acid wash. We’ve seen better from the brand, seriously!

The one thing, though, that we loved about this outfit were Gigi’s ASH Addict leather lace-up sneakers. Fashionably chunky and with a platform heel, these sneakers are a must-have RN and super comfortable.

In the mood for a (better looking) denim bomber jacket? Here’s an edgy one from PRPS, and there’s this really cute one from Polo Ralph Lauren.

acid wash denim