denim website launch

The wait is over – Donwan Harrell’s (ex Mr. PRPS) newest creation now has a legitimate website and you can finally – FINALLY – shop for the coolest denims, sweatshirts, and more online.

It was an “elaborate” birth, but then again, nothing with Donwan is ever simple. When we first knew about ARTMEETSCHAOS and met with Donwan so he could tell us all about it, we right away realized that he was going to personally supervise each and every single aspect of his new brand. And he did. Starting with all those beautiful teasers and videos on Instagram, he slowly, but surely built up a lot of suspense about his brand and now the wait is over.

We can actually shop online and hey – to own a legit Donwan Harrell again, how cool is this going to be!

Wait, Donwan, just one thing missing – what about us ladies…. any plans?

Well, you need to check back here @Denimology. We will post all about this first collection here and also meet again with Donwan to ask him about the ladies’ and much more, so stay tuned.

ARTMEETSCHAOS is going to add a lot of rad fun chaos to our denim life 😉