men's denim lookbook

Let me say right off: If you have any doubt, then Off-White’s Virgil Abloh should totally convince you – about….: The trend for men’s denim this coming fall is going to be baggy, oversized, slouchy, and – yeah – high waisted.

Virgil Abloh had his say by creating looks like uber-sized jeans paired with a dress shirt, tie, blazer, and a motorcycle leather jacket on top. (first image below).

Or how about the high waisted drawstring jeans worn with a white shirt layered under a black graphic t-shirt (second image below).

And just FYI – Virgil openly credited JNCO Jeans as his inspiration behind the baggy jeans.

At any rate, even if this runway show does not convince you, at least you can get a kick out of (in)famous rapper, Offset, who walked the show in an ankle length lilac puffer coat (image above).

And I couldn’t resist posting the model in the two-tone (?) blazer in the last image below. Just curious – would you wear a blazer like this?

You can shop for men’s Off-White clothes from the current spring collection here and here.

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