men's selvedge jeans

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry spent a night out in freezing winter New York City, but Orlando definitely didn’t have to suffer much from this cold.

He wore a pair of bespoke heavy weight (14.5 oz) jeans from 3×1 that should keep him warmer than any regular lighter weight jean.

Trust me, I do own a pair of 14.5 oz selvedge jeans and they really are very wind resistant. and if you layer them over leggings like the Uniqlo Heattech, then you can absolutely enjoy your denim in the coldest winter days as well. And you can trust me on this one as well, as this is the only way I am surviving wearing my beloved jeans during the coldest winter days.

Check out some similar selvedge jeans from 3×1 here.


  1. +1 on the leggings. Dudes get a weird look on their face when i tell them i wear leggings under my jeans on cold days. Don’t knock it til’ you try as it’s comfy af!

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