embellished jeans

It’s this time of the year when we are still in the middle of winter, cold and dark and freezing. But ….

…… we are really so done with all those bleak winter clothes, and more than ready to look for new stuff. New jeans, new shoes, new jackets… And of course, preferably in some nice spring hues and please nothing dark.

BLANKNYC just came out with a perfect pair of jeans to literally bleach away my dark and somber winter mood, the Rivington in Punch Line.

Made of 100% cotton, these jeans are in a high-rise tapered fit and feature punch hole details. So in the beginning they might feel a bit snug, but so not up-size them. As you wear them they will naturally give a bit and you will obtain that sexy slouchy fit which we are all aiming for.

Check out some more new denims from the BLANKNYC collection here and stay tuned @Denimology. We will be posting their lookbook with all of their newest trends ASAP.

hi-rise jeans
straight leg jeans