Yes, you got that right – we’re actually featuring the Topshop Dad Jean this week as our favorite and here is why:

So we are leaving the (ugly) dad sneakers behind in 2018, but we’re definitely not done with the (not ugly at all) dad jeans. The name dad jeans refers to the kind of jeans our dads wore back in the 90’s, anti-fit and baggy – ask him to show you his college pictures LOL!

The main thing about dad jeans is that they come in a trendy wider straight leg, have a total slouchier fit and a high rise. Whereas the mom jean is a more fitted style with baggier and tapered legs.

And most important: Dad jeans do have a finished hem, and not a cut-off frayed one. This is essential for them to qualify as dad jeans. Or can you imagine your dad wearing cut-off  frayed hem jeans back then in the 90’s? No way!

Topshop got this dad jean thing so totally right, including the added modern touch of knee rips, as well as in price ($70), and we can’t wait to get our legs into one of these!

And let us also call your attention to the rad oversized black denim jacket (on sale for $45) shown here on the model – definitely another must-have item for this coming spring. Or, you can even layer it under your coat right now. Both, the jeans and the jacket shown here make for a top cool double denim look.


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