Tommy Hilfiger approached Donwan Harrell, former PRPS, and currently creative director of ARTMEETSCHAOS, and invited him to their facility. Filmed at their Amsterdam in-house denim atelier, Donwan tells us about his personal view on sustainability.

Tommy Hilfiger just recently announced its plans for a new line of 100% sustainable denim and it’s all about The Denim Lab:

The denim lab is the driving-force behind Tommy’s sustainable production approach, with a focus on reducing water usage, energy consumption and waste products through innovative dry and wet finishing processes. Traditional hand-scraping dry techniques have been switched out for new laser technology methods. Using a computer-controlled laser to burn a mask onto jeans, the new method eliminates the use of chemicals, water and stones, and, as the process only burns the indigo dye, not the fibers, the method cuts down on harmful dust production. Tommy’s new laser technology reduces the time of the process from 40 minutes to under two minutes.

See below for some impressive facts about the innovation coming out of the PVH Denim Center:

“50% of denim that we aim to finish be finished with lower impact – less water, chemicals, and energy – at Tommy Hilfiger

70% water and chemical consumption saved by washing machines using nebulization or ozone technology

15 to 60 liters of water saved per jean – depending on the design and final result – using Ozone technology

48 hours is the time required to produce master fits in-house at the Denim Atelier, instead of the traditional four to six weeks when sourced externally.”


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