Tennis Legend, Roger Federer and Uniqlo teamed up for Roger’s first ad campaign for the brand and it’s about him playing the – piano – ?! Do you get this?

Last July, Federer ditched Nike to take up a 10-year, $US300 million deal to become one of Uniqlo’s global brand ambassadors that would see him wear the company’s clothing long after he retired from tennis.

In the campaign, Roger is filmed lounging in his home in a pair of $40 Uniqlo jeans – apparently “proving” how comfy you can feel in these really affordable jeans (even if you do have a personal fortune of millions of $$$!). t’s unclear who’s created this rather awful ad, however, a spokesperson for the brand has described the spot as a visual story of the tennis champion “enjoying life at home in jeans”.

Now I’m asking you: do you really want to see a tennis pro playing a rather awkward piano, which, according to Federer himself, he had played as a kid?

At any rate, ad-campaign aside (we’re not letting this spoil our denim love) you can check out the newest Uniqlo denim for men here, and for women, here.