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Somehow we tend to associate selvedge denim with way too expensive. And most of the time, but not always, it’s actually true.

(Check out below this post some info about selvedge denim and why it’s considered a higher class and more noble fabric.)

COS included a pair of very cool and edgy black selvedge relaxed jeans in their new spring ’19 collection, selling for $125, which is pretty reasonable, considering the overall prices of selvedge jeans.

We definitely believe that up-grading a pair of black jeans is an investment. You will always wear black jeans, they are not only a fashion and trend item, but have become a part of our everyday’s life essentials.

Made of 100% cotton selvedge denim, these jeans are a relaxed straight leg style with a regular length inseam. They are a higher rise, but are supposed to be worn low slung on the hips. And, as we had mentioned already before in another post, high rise jeans worn low slung is going to be THE thing this spring and summer.

Roll up the cuffs for an edgy and fashion-forward look.

COS actually has some really rad denim in their collection right now – check it out here.

Selvedge is the name for the higher-quality, harder-to-produce type of denim that is most of the time, but by no means always, sold and worn unwashed. You can spot it on the inside cuffs of jeans. If they’ve got edges that are white with red* stitches, it’s selvedge denim (see image above).

(*albeit not necessarily always red stitches, some denim manufacturers also may use different color stitches for limited edition, but generally the stitches are red.)