Yeah, this is yours truly at the Capsule/Cabana trade-show which is happening in New York City right now. Being a dedicated fan of sustainable everything, and especially denim, of course, it was a logical next step for me to check out what the new Triarchy spring/summer ’19 collection is all about. As you all know, Triarchy is a totally sustainable denim brand. The new washes of the jeans blew my mind. The Triarchy people have managed to make their brand new denims look exactly like top trendy vintage items without polluting the environment, by using a minimal amount of water only. Drumrolls, please!

Adam Taubenfliegel, one of the owners, and creative director of the brand, of course, clad all in denim, walked me through this newest collection.

Don’t you think we deserve a denim Oscar for best actor and best director 😉 – Which reminds me – Oh Yesss, congratulations, Rami Malek, you totally ROCK in your Wrangler jeans in “Bohemian Rhapsody”! Enjoy your Oscar 🙂

{FYI- this video was taken with my iPhone, I apologize for the vertical filming, necessary to get a better look at the jeans.}