Here’s something new to discover if you happen to live in New York City. Or even if you don’t, it’s an interesting story about yet another unique NYC hidden gem!

Denim icon brand, Wrangler, which is by itself an American legend, tells us:

It’s about a group called the Federation of Black Cowboys, and being that one of the bigger fashion trends this season is actually about western style clothes, here’s one for inspiration for the fashionistas!

“Being in NYC, I trust you know all the best coffee shops and secret parts of the city, but you may not know one of its best kept secrets – the Federation of Black Cowboys (FBC), a locally-based organization dedicated to keeping alive the memory and tradition of African-American cowboys from the Old West. 

During the late 1800’s, African-American cowboys made up nearly 25% of all cowboys in the Western Frontier. The FBC passes this legacy on to the inner-city youth through rodeos, school visits, and horsemanship training. In 2016, the FBC lost their long-held stables in Queens and the ability to host youth programs at the same capacity, so their goal is to find a home to have more horses, recruit more members, and keep the legacy alive for the next generation.

With its own history rooted in rodeo and the cowboy lifestyle, Wrangler immediately felt connected to this story, and wanted to share it with our readers in the hopes of helping keep the cowboy way of life alive.”