Among my very first few pairs of jeans I have ever worn were a pair of the CLOSED pedal pusher jeans.

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I think it’s ok to say that growing up in Europe, I was subjected more to European denim companies than American ones. And as much as the Levi’s 501’s are present in my everyday life nowadays, so are the CLOSED pedal pusher jeans.

And iconic fit, an evergreen style – there was never in all the years a time when you couldn’t NOT wear these jeans and be appropriately fashionable. And I am happy to state, that this same exact fit continues and keeps on gathering new denim loves all over the world:

“Turns out your mother really does know best – she most likely already wore your favorite pair of jeans in the 1980’s, which is when the Pedal Pusher with its iconic X-pockets, was first invented.

Inspired by a postman’s uniform and created entirely by hand from 22 different pieces of denim, the pants have become an iconic fashion item. The jean has also inspired several new styles – all with the unique X-pockets. The original, however, has stayed in the collection ever since and is as popular as ever.

And its fans never fail to surprise us: from Tupac Shakur in 1994 and Sarah Jessica Parker in SATC II to today’s It Girls like Karlie Kloss or Caro Daur, they have all been spotted wearing our versatile icon.

It’s ironic that again and again we were considering to ditch this popular style. Even though many aspects make it the perfect denim shape; an additional piece of fabric at the back assures a great fit on the bottom, the X-pockets make a flattering bottom, it’s extra high so no worries when biking in it.

Yet at the change of the century, the high-waist was far from being on trend. Now we have dedicated an entire campaign to this icon with models that represent the age of the Pedal Pusher customer – no other style attracts teens to best agers like our icon.”

CLOSED jeans are now available in the USA as well on their website.

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