high waisted jeans

The trend of super high waisted jeans is going on very strong. And even though we are beginning to see a new trend, the low-slung* jean, hi-rises are still on the “rise”.

Before we go any further with the higher rises, let me point out that *low-slung does not mean low-rise, but high waisted worn up-sized and sitting lower on the hips, kind of a dropped crotch look.

Now, back to the super high waist with a front rise of 11.5″ and up. There is a problem with these, according to the feedback of some of our readers: They feel really uncomfortable when sitting down for a longer period of time. That 45 minutes UBER ride really almost killed me!

And after wearing the extremely high waisted jeans for an extended period of time, lots of our readers have complained about discomfort, even itching at the waist. Apparently the problem is that these jeans don’t sit just slightly above the waist, but quite often just right below the bust and that can be pretty painful, or, at least, very uncomfortable.

Therefore we totally suggest to opt rather for a – well “regular” – high rise, up to 10″, instead of going overboard. And if you really feel like having a super hi-rise, then make sure you can try the jeans on before you buy them. Or shopping online, make sure the website has a good return policy.

This said, here are some great options for mid- to high waisted jeans that will let you sit down AND feel comfortable!

black jeans
Ksubi Slim Pin Hi Society high-rise slim-leg jeans

pedal pusher jeans
CLOSED Pedal Pusher Blue Stretch Denim
colored jeans
BLANKNYC The Great Jones Hi Rise Skinny Jean
boyfriend jeans
Topshop Black Baloon Boyfriend Jeans
plus size skinny jeans
Seven7 High Rise Skinny Jeans
light blue jeans
Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit High Waist Crop Jeans
plus size jeans
Standard & Practices Parker Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans