men's selvedge jeans

Continuing with our posts about “serious” jeans for denimheads, today is all about the Triarchy’s men’s organic cotton selvedge indigo jean. Note: this is a very limited edition and if you don’t grab a pair now, you won’t get a chance again – unfortunately. And this is not because of Triarchy, but it’s because Cone Denim is gone (sad face).

“In December of 2017 Cone Denim Mill in North Carolina, founded 1895, shut it’s doors. This effectively brought to an end USA made denim. These jeans are made from some of the last USA Made Cone Selvedge Denim. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Made of organic cotton and dyed with natural indigo they embody the end of an era.”

As you can see the fit of these jeans is impeccable and we’re calling your attention to the perfect positioning of the back pockets. Usually, according to our male readers, brands do have a tendency to post the back pockets rather lower, too low. Maybe this used to be attractive when the men’s jeans were still made in a baggy and relaxed style. But slim fitting jeans should definitely have their back pockets positioned on lower than the end of the butt.

You can shop for more men’s denims on the Triarchy website.

men's selvedge jeans


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