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Your wallet should be treated more than an accessory. Since a wallet carries all your essential items you have to think of functionality and comfort in choosing one. Try to limit what you stuff in your wallet so that taking out your all-important credit cards when you are rushed will be a breeze.

Traditionally, back pocket wallets are the type of wallets used by men but there is now the alternative of using a front pocket wallet.  These types of wallets are better for you in so many ways and we will discuss why you should make the switch especially if you are a jeans loving guy.

●    Front Pocket Wallets Are Made for Comfort

Back pocket wallets are uncomfortable, period. Imagine sitting on a back-pocket wallet all day. It is especially troublesome if you have overstuffed your wallet. It can interfere with your work and concentration. Getting your wallet in your back pocket is also troublesome and it may sometimes be hard to fit it in the pocket because of its size.

Men’s front pocket wallets are the opposite. You can easily reach them since they are located at the front within your visual range. If you are using your wallet a lot you would have no trouble putting your front pocket wallet in and out of your pocket.

●    A Front Pocket Wallet Will Look Great with Your Jeans

A slim men’s front pocket wallet is something that won’t cramp your style when you wear your jeans. Front pocket wallets are unobtrusive and fit well. You can have a straight, streamlined look with a front pocket wallet. You will look better and neater.

A bulky back pocket wallet simply doesn’t fit with jeans. It creates an asymmetry to your overall look with its odd shape. If you good look at the front the odd bulk at your back may come off as a surprise and you wouldn’t want to give the impression that you are not conscious of good style.

●    Your Jeans Will Last Longer with a Front Pocket Wallet

You’ve just bought a great pair of jeans and sometime after several months, you notice fraying and tell-tale signs of emerging holes in your back pocket. That seems to be too soon for good quality jeans to get ruined. However, jeans get ruined faster when you use back pocket wallets. The fabric gets more stress from being stretched to its limits all day.

The back portion also absorbs all of your weight adding to faster wear and tear. Front pockets aren’t put to the same conditions so having your wallet at the front can save your jeans, giving you more months and more years to enjoy them.

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●    Pickpockets Will Have a Harder Time with a Front Pocket Wallet

It is not so hard to imagine that a pickpocket will have a field day with all the back-pocket wallets around. For one thing, your wallet is not within your visual range so it is easy to pick in crowded places, cramped trains, and busy streets. Before you know it, your precious wallet is gone. 

You can check it every now and then wherever you are and pickpockets are more reluctant to attack from the front. All in all, you have a better chance of securing your valuables with a front pocket wallet especially if you live in a busy urban area.

●    The Front Pocket Wallet Styles Available

There are many front pocket wallets available and some may be built more for your comfort and function. You can find front pocket wallets with a transparent pocket at the front to place your ID in. You can just simply present your ID without taking it out from your wallet. There are also wallets with money clips so you can place bills on them.

If you are the type who keeps receipts you can attach it on the money clip holder as well.  RFID blocking technology is also a great feature being offered by some wallet manufacturers and it keeps you from being victimized by tech-savvy pickpockets.


Styles evolve for comfort and functionality. Since you use your wallet a lot you can opt for the new styles of front pocket wallets being introduced in the market. The range of styles and ease of use of front pocket wallets will encourage you to make the switch, plus, it gives you an impeccable look.