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Good American just “invented” the size 15! And we were like – what, how, where, when – please tell! So here’s the deal:

Good American, a brand who believes that women are not defined by size, launched size 15 to solve an issue that shouldn’t exist in the first place: sizing. As there is no universal sizing standard for brands, there is a lot of confusion for the customer when shopping. After months of research, focus groups, and feedback, Good American was meticulous in the design process. The brand has invented Size 15, and here’s why:

  • Since Good American’s launch in 2016, the brand has received 50% more returns between 14 and 16, compared to any other size in the 00-24 size range.
  • There is an industry wide discrepancy in sizing patterns between a size 14 and 16 that has created fit issues for many women who fall between these sizes.
  • Size 15 aims to bridge that gap by offering an additional size option for those customers that sit on the cusp of straight sizing and plus sizing. And there are many of them!
  • Size 15 will debut as a part of the new Good Curve collection (Good Curve Straight and Good Curve Flare) as well as additional fan-favorite styles.

Good Curve is the ultimate balancing jean, developed directly from customer feedback, that features vintage details in the brand’s highest rise yet, with additional lining in the waist to accentuate the mid section. 

You can shop for Good American jeans also at Bloomingdale’s and at Nordstrom.

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