embellished jeans

This is all about a super cool New York based brand that we discovered the other day while checking out new denims at Barney’s in NYC.

The brand is called “Still Here” and was founded by Sonia Beyda Mosseri, who is also the designer.

What we instantly noted was the unique touch Sonia added to a pair of otherwise pretty straightforward and no-frill jeans – see below:

We’re so very curious about how these jeans fit and wear and will keep you updated when we’ve tested them. Meantime, here’s all about the brand:

Sonia Beyda Mosseri is the founder and designer behind Still Here, a debut line of six denim styles that incorporate hand-painted details, constellations of snap buttons, and embroidered designs.

“Still Here is run by myself, Sonia, and my husband Maurice. Denim is something we’ve been passionate about our whole lives. It is a garment that is so rich in history, and each pair can carry so much of its own history in terms of wash, wear and tear. We wanted to be a part of the long legacy of denim, as well as the revolution that is going on right now in denim. Its become part of a woman’s uniform in 2019. We started Still Here because we recognized a hole in the market. There is so much room for denim to be taken to the next level in terms of what happens past fit, wash, and wear.

When starting Still Here this was an important area to explore. We came up with our signature back stripes initially on vintage denim. And then spent about a year developing the perfect fit for our first style, which is called the Tate. Our values are with sophisticated washes, vintage yet modern fits, and novel embellishments.”

“After a childhood spent customizing her mother’s jeans with chains or turning the legs into a purse, she further cultivated her interest in fashion with an internship at Rosie Assoulin and designing costumes for her brother-in-law’s feature film, “Cheerleader”. Eventually her interest in painting and craft led her to customizing a pair of her own vintage denim, and after wearing the painted style to a trade show for her first collection of t-shirts, the response was massive. As she says, “I made an executive decision to stop what I was doing about a year and a half ago and just climb right into the denim world and try to build my own pair from scratch.”

Still Here has now added a kimono and a jacket to their collection as well:

We do realize that at a $250–$380 price point, the jeans are a bit pricey, but then again, the brand’s philosophy is to sway away from “fast fashion” and offer something more special and wearable for a much longer period.

You can shop for the Still Here denims on their website.