jeans with holes

First day of spring today and this is the time to take out all of your beloved jeans that need some kind of fixing. After all, we know how you love your blue babies, and if they are still in your closet, torn and everything, that is clearly a sign that you do not want to part with them. 🙂 is your destination. They really are into fixing all of your denim problems. Be it rips and holes (they patch them exactly how you tell them you want it), or maybe you’ve lost some weight and your jeans need to be taken in.

Also, there is that really annoying problem of a crotch- tear, which can be repaired with their vintage darning machine.

My main concern is always the shortening of my jeans. I hate when they look “home-made”. Most tailors offer you the service of cutting off the original hem and then replace it again. Not my thing, either. These hems tend to be bulky sticking away from the ankles.

Denimrepair also has a very special chain-stitch machine, which takes care of all of my hemming problems. This is a must, especially when it comes to our raw and/or selvedge jeans:

“We chain stitch the right way with a 1930’s Union Special 43200G sewing machine, it’s very rare, there are about 50 of these in the world and we have one to do the job the authentic way.”

You have two options:

If you live in New York City, or close, you can drop off your jeans at the Jean Shop in Soho: 37 Crosby Street.

Otherwise, you just need to follow the instruction on their website and mail the jeans to them directly.

You can take it from yours truly – they absolutely know how to fix any and each kind of your denim problem.


  1. I’ve used a couple times and they’re fast (I had my jeans back in under 10 days) and they fixed multiple tears. I’ll use them again!

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