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Liverpool – For Guys that Love Their Stretch Jeans!

Liverpool – For Guys that Love Their Stretch Jeans!
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Before going into the details of these super hot bad boys from Liverpool Jeans, the Kingston Modern Slim Straight Memory Stretch, let me reach back a bit.

I remember when the first men’s jeans with stretch came out, most of my guy-friends were like – huh, I’m not gonna do that, whaaa? I’m not a girl. And so on. I’m sure you all have been there and heard similar LOL!

So the thing is that once I got a guy into a pair of stretch jeans, the denim world for him turned upside down. Oh man, I have never heard any more grateful thank you’s than during those times! 😉 And it stayed this way until today. A new men’s denim concept was created.

More and more guys are beginning to appreciate the comfort, feel, and look of stretch jeans. I even know of dudes that come into a store looking for jeans, and the first thing they say is: I want jeans with stretch. Not the color, nor the wash, nor the fit. The number one request is stretch.

Now think of something even better than just plain stretch: we’re talking about memory stretch here. Something we ladies have been into for years and now finally it’s also a thing for the guys. What it is: Memory stretch is a fabric that evokes maximum comfort without compromising style and fit. Cool, right!

The memory stretch jeans from Liverpool come in the slim straight fit as shown here, as well as in a more relaxed straight leg fit.

We will be posting about the new spring ’19 Liverpool Jeans for the guys here ASAP, so check back. Meantime you can shop for their jeans online on their website.